This page has some tools to make your life as an Office 365 administrator easier


GUID to ImmutableID

Enter the GUID below and hit the button to convert it to ImmutableID

Base 64

ImmutableID to GUID

Enter the ImmutableID below and hit the button to convert it to GUID


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About Dr Nestori Syynimaa
Dr Syynimaa works as a CIO of eight cities and municipalities surrounding Tampere, the largest inland city in Nordic countries. He also runs his own consultation business Gerenios. Before moving to his current position, Dr Syynimaa worked as a consultant, trainer, and university lecturer for almost 20 years. He is a regular speaker on Office 365 and Azure security in scientific and professional conferences. Dr Syynimaa is Microsoft Certified Expert (Microsoft 365) and Microsoft Certified Trainer.
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